In The Mood – From Inspiration to Paper

When you sit down to make cards, inspiration has to start somewhere…

You can spend hours combing the internet looking for ideas an inspiration, but that severely cuts into your crafting time, right?

We did the hard work for you. We gathered amazing photo and color inspirations and turned them into 6 ridiculously inspiring Mood Boards.



The designers for this class had a hard time STOPPING their mojo!
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What’s Inside

This class features projects some of the top designers in the industry:

Catherine Pooler

Maureen Merritt

Alison Cope

Laurel Beard

Heather North

Isha Gupta

Stephanie Klauck


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Each video is adding so much inspiration that the person found in the board. They make me want to go immediately to my craft room to see what I can do with the inspiration boards.
This class is chocked full of treats for the viewers with many hidden tips. Taking the viewer through the designer’s inspiration process and how they each began their card was a learning process I hadn’t anticipated. This class is a treat for every viewer

Lisa K.

The Mood Boards themselves are a gold mine of inspiration. Add in all the fabulous cards made by the Teachers as well as the creative techniques they’ve shared, and you’ll find there’s a wealth of ideas right at your fingertips whenever you’re looking for a place to springboard from. I’m certain I will be coming back to this class over and over!

Joyce S.

I love creating cards for challenges but I always struggle with mood boards! I can never decide what to focus on or what to use for inspiration…should I go with the image, or the color, or the feel?!? This class is amazing! The designers break down different aspects of each mood board for their creations and their ideas are fantastic. I love that each designer tackles something unique…the colors, the image, the “mood” of the board. Their creations are totally different yet you can clearly see how each was inspired by the board. The mood boards are also fantastic…gorgeous colors and fun themes, I loved seeing how each designer worked with the mood board. I loved all of the boards but I think my favorite was City Scapes which amuses because going into the class, I thought that would be my least favorite. Just goes to show how fabulous and inspiring the cards were! And finally, from a more technical standpoint, I love the detail that goes into each video. The teachers are great at explaining various techniques and also offering ways to use supplies you might already have to do those same techniques. I HIGHLY recommend this class!!

Jessica Frost-Ballas

OMGeeeee Catherine, this is a fabulous class.
The mood board images are spectacular; someone had a lot of fun putting them together!
I am generally intimidated by inspiration photos and mood boards. I never know where to get started and often feel overwhelmed. Not so anymore after seeing all the wonderful videos in this online class and how each of you were inspired and in what way.
You all provided great tips, hints and very easy to follow instructions so we can build our confidence CASing you. I have a favourite topic, can I say it? Cityscapes. The imagery and colours just spoke to me. Time to get my craft on I think!

Tristan D.


One Time Payment,
Lifetime Access

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